Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone!

I have never been so happy to see a year end as I was for 2008.

It went out with a bang too. Just ask both Sarah (totaled her car) and Emily (hit someone who turned left in front of her). Both within days of each other. It was the sour icing on a bitter cake.

But this year has started out with promise. We got good news on the medical front for Erin who was cleared of any disastrous conditions that the doctors were worried about and a glimmer of hope that the exceptionally large amount of money owed to us might be returned.

Also both Jeff and I have found old friends that we have looked for for years.

This brings a bit of promise that perhaps this year will be better than last. That past hurts can be healed, that past troubles will wash away and the horizons will dawn with the promise of good things coming.

OK.. there I go again, waxing poetic. But the truth is that this past year has taught me more than any that life is damn short, that if you don't get around to doing what you want, healing old wounds, and basically getting your head out of your proverbial ass than it will be gone faster than you can complain that things aren't going your way.

I watched the mother of Jeffrey's 7 year old best friend laid to rest in October and it was a harsh slap in the face reminding me that it doesn't a matter how much time you think you have, fate may not be in agreement.

I've fooled around way too much and haven't gotten the things done that I really have wanted. Including posting on this dang blog.

So here I am.

On January 20th we will celebrate not only my 44th birthday (EEK!) but the end of an error... George Bush will will take his leave and a new presidency will begin. See me doing the Happy Dance!

Since I can't do a post without a picture I will show off my delightful Hydrangeas from last spring.

I must add however that the FREAKIN' gardeners who don't know a FREAKIN' thing when it comes to real gardening chopped the poor things to within an inch of their life last week leaving nothing but a few sticks poking up under the kitchen window. I'm waiting for someone to come along and stick hot dogs on them and have a weenie roast. We are now doomed to a flowerless year. I have tried to keep things in perspective because they will after all grow back. But in truth it really pisses me off and every time I walk past my poor mutilated bushes I have visions of chasing the whole sorry lot of gardeners down the street with their electric hedge clippers and see how much I can trim off their twigs and berries.

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Tink *~*~* said...

FREAKIN' gardeners did the same danged thing to my ornamental plums. They just come along and chop. Oddly, they did not remove the dead fronds from my palm tree. Ugh.

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