Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I had a dream.....

Jeff was tucking Jeffrey into bed last night.

I hope I have the same kind of dream like I had last night.

Really what kind did you have?

I had a wet dream.

(long speechless silence)

Really? Um, well... OK.... Really?

Yes.. I had a very pleasant dream. I read about that in the book mom gave me.
(Somehow these things always end up being my fault)

Which book was that?

"What's Happening to me". You know it tells you about whats happening to your body as you get older.
(He actually read it..what do you know)

OOOOooooooh OK.

Yes it says that a wet dream is a very pleasant dream and thats what I had.
In my dream someone gave me a whole box of video games that I didn't have.
It made me so happy!



It's better if you don't call it that. Say you had a happy dream, or a good dream... but not a.. you know..WET dream.

How come?

Jeff! Can you come in here and explain something to your son.


Being that today is the first day of school, I am REALLY hoping that when the teacher asks them to stand up and talk about their summer that Jeffrey doesn't tell the class about his pleasant dreams.

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