Friday, January 14, 2011

Boredom, Disney Cruises & Chit Chat

So I'm home all by myself this morning.

Jeff has a personal training client and I didn't want to be Miss Horn-in-sky and tag along.
It doesn't look particularly professional when you bring your wife along because she's bored.

So I could do anything I wanted. No one here to tell me what to do. Or what NOT to do.

I could watch whatever I wanted to on TV. (Nothing on and nothing on TIVO that isn't earmarked to watch with someone else).

I could play computer games. (The one I like is having issues and won't load).

I could call Sally and have a nice long chat without anyone asking if I was STILL on the phone. (She's not home.)

I could finish the 2 year old trip report I've been working on forever. (UGH... too much work looking through all the pictures).

I could exercise. (Really? While no one is home to see me do it? No one would believe me)

I could empty and reload the dishwasher. (That can wait until later).

I could do some laundry. (See above excuse).


Why is it that I can think of 100 things to do (that I REALLY would do) when I don't have time or energy to do them but when I actually have time nothing pans out?

We've got one week until our weekend Disney cruise. I could make some plans for that, get out the suitcases and make packing lists.

The only problem is that dang cruise is only 2 days long so it feels so anticlimactic. But I think we are going to throw in a day at Disneyland on Sunday because that is that last day our passes are good for. So that will round out the weekend nicely.

For anyone wondering how we are affording a cruise when all I do is complain about our current financial situation, its sort of a long story but as brief as possible:

5 years ago we went on a Disney cruise in the Caribbean and rebooked on board for another 7 day cruise. When it came time to pay in full for that cruise the whole financial disaster was underway and I had to postpone it. Well as we know the whole mess has not worked it self out and I kept having to reschedule until finally Disney said they would not change the date any more.

AND they wanted to keep our deposit which was $3000.

Since I knew THAT was not going to happen I started making phone calls and going higher and higher in the company trying to work something out. After crying on the phone to one person after another and actually sending them paperwork to document our plight we finally came to a compromise  that they would use our deposit as payment in full for this weekend end cruise out of LA.

We get a one bedroom suite and the kids are REALLY excited.

I am too but still feel a little let down that we only get to stay on the boat for 2 nights. We board mid day Friday and disembark early on Sunday morning.

It's been dubbed "The Neverland Cruise" or "The Cruise to Nowhere". But it should be fun. Lots of good food (one of the reasons I'm having trouble getting 100% on an eating program because I know this is coming up), a different stage show each night, first run movies in the on board theaters, our own veranda to sit and relax on, some really good quality alone time with my hubby.

Yes, it should actually be a lot of fun. And heaven knows I need it!

OH LOOK! I got distracted and now it's almost time for Jeff to be home.

You know what that means don't you? I will now miraculously find 100 things to do that I could have done over the last hour or so.

Oh well! I got to chit chat with all of you!

Have a great Friday!!

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