Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Way Back Wednesday ~~ 1977

In honor of Valentine's Day this week I found a picture of a Valentine's Day party I had back in 1977.

This was on a small patio off the library. It was a really neat place and very much reflected the time that the house was built back in the 1920's. You got out here by climbing a set of cement stairs so you ended up raised above the library and you could look down into the house through big plate glass windows.

You got to the rest of the yard by walking up a small flight of rickety wooden stairs back to the left (that later my mom had redone in cement) and if you stood next to the wall behind us it would come to your mid thigh.

It was always nice and cool in here so we ate out here a lot in the summer. My mom kept all her low light plants here and one summer I made a small guppy pond in a cement depression that was near the window.

I really miss this house.

From left to right in the back row we've got Jackie, Katie, Sasha and Michael.
Sitting in the front row there's Dina, me, Sally and Grace.

We had those wrought iron tables for ever and every time they started to get rusty my mom would simply paint them.

She always gave me the best parties and this was no exception. I'm sure we had a really nice cake that she made from scratch and served all kinds of tasty treats.

I hope you all had a fun Valentine's Day and I will talk to you soon!!

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