Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Way Back Wednesday ~ 1969, The Internet

I found this old clip of what the people of 1969 thought the internet would be like in the future and by-golly! they got an awful lot of it right.

Online shopping, closed circuit monitoring of different areas of your home, and online banking.
All very real these days.

The part I thought was the funniest was how it was it was taken for granted that the wife would shop on her "console" and it would be paid for on the husbands "console".

Thats how its supposed to work right?

I love how the husband has about 5 different large units on his desk all with push buttons and round knobs.

And at the end, on his "at home postal machine" he is writing on the screen like you can do on some machines today.

It seemed like it would take a huge building to house the "electronics" that would have run such a complex set up. I guess they didn't realize just how small things would become. And we probably would be surprised ourselves at how small things will continue to get in our future.

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