Friday, July 29, 2011

Updates on life.....

I was just marveling the other day that I had actually hit 10,000 views on my blog.

I took a look a few minutes ago and I had soared past 11,000.


Life continues to chug forward this summer. I've been able to go to the beach every week and lo and behold my legs aren't snow white anymore. Not that it will last but it's nice while it here.

I'm faithfully keeping up with my trip countdown blog because having something to look forward to (even if it's a year away) adds a little spring to my step.

I still don't have much time to sit and do the fun blog stuff I want to do for this blog. The other blog requires looking for pictures in my online albums, pasting them in and VOILA! It's done. Easy, fast and efficient. At least something in my life is!

It's 4 weeks until school starts but only 3 weeks until Grandma arrives.

Ooooo Rah!

I have a goal to take off 10 pounds in the next 3 weeks just so I don't feel quite so fat when she gets here. I was thinner than I am now last time I saw her. And believe me, it's no stretch to have Grandma say "You look like you've put on some weight.. are you going to gym like me? I go every day. I may have some of my bigger clothes to lend you until you lose the weight again, if you like."

NO thanks.. I'll pass on that fun.

I am going to post my summer pictures in the next day or two so keep an eye out for those!

See you soon!!

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