Saturday, October 17, 2015

No Food for the Hungry

Food warm. Drink poured. Settling down to have lunch at my desk. One bite. Two bites....
"MOM..I'm hungry!!!"
"Jeffrey I just sat down, my food is hot, please wait 10 minutes and I will fix you lunch."
"But MOOOOOOOM, I'm starving now." 
I can see you wasting away as we speak.
"Jeffrey I will fix you food in 10 minutes and if you can't wait that long then make yourself something."
Long silence followed by grumbling off into the distance.
OK, back to food.
One bite. Two bites....
"Hey Honey, are you at your desk?"
"Check weather underground to see if the rain is coming, I have to go out and work".
"OK"... click, click, wait for page to load.... "Yes, storm headed this way, almost on top of us"
Suddenly surrounded by husband and children leaning over my desk, to look at the radar and discuss the impending weather.
"Guys, I'm trying to eat here."
"That's OK, you're not bothering us...." 
Discussion continues.
Finally I am alone.
Food is still moderately warm.
One bite... two bites....
"Hey Honey, where are the wire ties?"
"In the garage, if you can wait 10 minutes I will get one for you".
"No, just tell me where you put them."
(In a very hard to find place that would take me longer to explain than to get up myself and get them).
Start to get up but hear "NO NO, it's ok... I'll find them....".
Sit back down, one bite, second bite pending...
Voice directly behind me from the couch:
"Hi... how are YOU?"
I turn around to see Jeffrey leaning over the back of the couch practically upside down.
"Jeffrey, I'm eating."
"That's not how you are... How ARE you?"
"I'm hungry and TRYING to finish my food before it gets cold."
"But besides hungry, how ARE you?"
"JEFFREY, I am HUNGRY, I am trying to EAT, my food is now COLD and all I want is 5 minutes in peace to finish it. Can I have 5 minutes PLEASE?"
"GEEZ mom you don't have to get so upset... I'm just trying to be friendly. I'll just go sit over here, alone... and hungry."
I need a vacation.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Adventures with Iggy

Sometime in late spring of last year we got a free baby iguana...
We named him Iggy in honor of Jeffs childhood pet.
This is one of his early baby pictures:

Since then he has grown and been a fun addition to our pet family.
Being an iguana, he enjoys being up high so he can look down at all of us lowly humans.
One of his favorite places is up above the patio door which he gets to by using a long 2 x 4 covered in carpet. We leave him here for part of each day.

This evening I was in the kitchen when I glanced into the living and saw this....

Knowing something was up (or NOT up anymore), I checked it out and found this in my silk plant:

 After I apprehended the wanderer, Kitten checks out the plant to make sure nothing else interesting is hiding in there.

And 20 minutes later what do I find?
Kitten and Iggy sitting in a (cat) tree...

Iggy deals with it by putting on his best "If I close my eyes maybe it will go away" face.

This time we collected him and put him where he isn't as likely to get into any trouble.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Kitty Fuzz

 September 2013 we brought Kitten home from a trip to visit the grandkids in Arizona.
She has been an unending pleasure and delight.

You need to work quietly? Let me sing you the song of my people!

Lounging amid Carmageddon after a visit by the 5 year old

But by far the most ridiculous thing she does is beg for you to turn on the water faucet every time you go into the bathroom.
It starts out normal enough....

But always ends up the same way.
I think it's her favorite part of the whole experience.

The following pictures pretty much sum up Leo's contribution to life in our household.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Morning with Taylin.

One of the reasons we chose Arizona as a landing point in our journey was so we could see our grandkids who we have had precious little time with.

I now get to enjoy morning like these with my 2 year old granddaughter Taylin.

And finish the day with a nice Hello Kitty cup of milk!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Arizona Bound

Late on the afternoon of July 31st, Jeff and Jeffrey hopped into a U-Haul (pulling a 12 foot trailer) and Katherine and I captained the van (complete with cats and an iguana) and we were off on a new adventure in Arizona.

None of us are hoping it's our final landing spot but for the time being it's going to be home.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blue Toenails for Everyone

So it doesn't take a genius to see that I have completely neglected my poor blog.
I haven't been idle however.
I started a page over on Facebook last month called "A Little Slice of Vintage Life" and have spent quite a bit of my time promoting it and delighting in the fact that my "likes" on the page have marched to over 1000.
But I haven't been here too much.
When I dropped by this morning I noticed that I had once again collected some new followers despite my lack of effort so I thought maybe I should give this a try again.
It's not like the Dynamic Duo has stopped giving me material.

I had just picked them up from Karate and was heading out the driveway on the other end of the complex when Katherine noted the "Foot Massage Parlor" tucked in the back corner.

K: Look Mom, you can get a whole hour's worth of a foot massage there for only $40.

I didn't know how to tell her that I doubted any foot massaging would be going on during said hour.
Our pretty little town, with it's extremely low crime rate and extremely high real estate prices hides a dirty little secret... We have more "Foot Massage Parlors" per capita than anywhere else in the United States. I may be exaggerating a bit but if you drive the boulevard, there is one in almost every strip mall so I bet I am not too far off with my statistics. And I am quite sure we do not also lead the nation in foot fetishes, so I can be pretty confidant that there are other things going on behind the curtained windows beside hot oil treatments and loofah scrubbing.

J: I don't think I'd like to have someone rub my feet, it hurts.
K: Yeah, Gabby kicked the pedicure lady in the face once because she rubbed too hard.
J: See? I told you.
K: Hey can I paint your toenails if I don't rub your feet.
J: Um, I guess so, can I read while you're doing it?
K: Sure, That'll be fun. Let's do it when we get home.
J: OK, but make sure you put on a base coat before you put on the color. Then make sure you put a topcoat on afterwards so it doesn't chip off. And you can't paint them pink, or even red. Do you have blue? (I'd really love to know how he even knows about the proper method of toenail painting, but I kept my mouth shut).
K; Yeah, I'll paint mine blue too, then when we take our shoes off at Karate it will be joke and everyone will laugh because our toenails will match.
J: OK, but remember I get to read while you're doing it.
Me: Jeffrey?
J: Yes?
Me: You don't mind having your nails painted? You don't think anyone will make fun of you?
J: (eye roll): Geez Mom why do I care? It's not like they'll be pink or anything. And it they made fun of me I would ignore them because they are dumb and I don't care what dumb people think.

Well there you have it.

He's been listening to me all this time.
Who would have thought!