Friday, March 18, 2022

Why are you nude?

Me, minding my own business in the kitchen.
Enter 4 year old. Naked.
Me: Why are you nude?
4 year old: I wanna go outside
Me: ummmm, you need clothes
4-year-old staring down at her naked self: No. My Barbies are outside
Me: (realizing the Barbies are probably naked too so she might just want to join the party): You still need to wear something. Especially on your feet.
4 year old disappears up the stairs.
Me: Cool, she listened without arguing.
I go back to minding my own business
4 year old reappears down the stairs.
There are hand puppets on her feet and Mickey Mouse ears on her head.
4 year old:
Me (sighing deeply): Go ahead, just don't sit down on anything while you're out there.
There are just some battles I'm not gonna fight.


Monday, March 14, 2022

Who needs Privacy?

My warm, relaxing, mood-improving shower was cut short this morning when the 4-year-old found her way into the bathroom and alternated between marching back and forth singing Disney songs through an empty toilet paper tube and pressing her face against the shower door informing me "I see you Gwamma, you have no pants."

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Nosey Kid

Me: innocently sitting in the den minding my own business.
Enter four year old, placing hand, palm up in front of my face
“Here you go”
In her hand is what looks like an extremely tiny nondescript ball.
I reach out and pick it up squinting at it to get a better look.
Then casually ask “Where did you get this?”
She looked me straight in the eye and said “My nose."
Apparently, it’s been too long since I’ve had a preschooler because all those years ago I never would have reached out and taken something unknown from a kid's hand without double-checking what it was first.


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Raspberry Break

I'm in my room at the computer.
Enter the 4-year-old, stage left.
She lifts up her shirt and proudly announces "See my tummy!"
Then she points at my tummy and pulls on my shirt.
I obediently lift up my shirt (figuring she won't judge the fact that I am chonkier than I should be) and she leans over and plants a giant raspberry on me and runs out of the room giggling.
I can now return to my regular scheduled typing.


Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Unsolved Mystery

Me, at my computer trying to finish the latest chapter in my book
Large ***THA-WHUMP*** from downstairs
Small voice in the distance "uh-oh!"
I get up and walk to the wall overlooking downstairs.
Same small voice "UH-OH!"
Me: "What happened?"
Small voice "uh-oh... uh-oh"
I head down the hall to the stairs
"What happened? What fell over?"
4 year old blur scurries past me, shoving me out of the way 
"I sorry, I sorry, I SO sorry!" 
Blur takes a hard right disappears into her room and slams door.
Upon inspection, I could find no sign of anything out of place or disturbed anywhere downstairs
 so as of right now, I have no clue, but figure at some time today I'm going to come across something 
and say "Well Crap".


Sunday, January 2, 2022

Happy 2022

 Happy New to all you one or two readers who are still trapsing along with me through my blogging journey.

I'm doing another year in the life so if you'd like to follow along, the link is in the sidebar.


Milo hopes we all have a rainbow year!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Ramblings Ahead

I've got 8 kids (20-35) and 3 grandkids.
There really aren't many conditions or issues that I haven't experienced with this lot.
This is a list (I made more for myself than anyone else) of things I can say about one or more of them.
I have at least one kid who:
1. was birthed at home because I didn't make it to the hospital
2. was delivered by c-section
3. is my step-kid
4. was adopted
5. are parents themselves
6. went all the way through college and got a post-graduate degree
7. never went to college
8. are talented in art/music to the extreme
9. have had mental health issues and take meds to make it through their day
10. is gay
11. is trans
12. in on the spectrum
13. has gotten mad and not spoken to me for more than a year
14. has been there and helped me through some of the toughest times in my life
For the first time in all this parenting thing, everyone is basically good with everyone else. (Little spats here and there... welcome to life). 
(Edited to add that this didn't last, one of the crew impolitely excused themselves from the family, so we'll see if it ever gets better.)
And I can say when you've got a large family where each and every person is difficult and wonderful and different in their own unique way that feels pretty good.
A death in the family tends to bring people together and make you realize exactly what is important and what is nothing but egocentric trash that you can dump in the bin because it doesn't mean anything.
This has been quite a year. I'm finding myself in ways I never knew were possible. Learning to trust myself and not need another person to tell me what's Ok and what isn't.
And finding all these people who through their differences are helping me be a better person and a better parent to them.