Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gojira Lives

Some Days Jeffrey just isn't himself!

Good Morning World! 

MOM! I'm going outside to play.

MOM, I'm hungry!

MOM, I'm going back outside to play.

BAM!! BAM!! BAM!! Take that you space alien!!

Jeffrey can you please hold it down while I'm driving..
But MOM! There's a giant three headed alien trying to get me!
Oh yes, sorry I didn't notice.

MOM! Katherine is messing up my Lego house!

MOM! There's a giant bug in my room... 

I think those tacos were a little on the spicy side mom.
Can I have a glass of milk?

MOM! Come see what Katherine did this time!!!

But WHY do I have to clean my room?

Is it really time to take a bath already? 
Where's my toy boat?

OK OK, I'm putting down the toys and going to bed.
No need to get so pushy!

Good night world! 
The great and fearsome monster heads to bed, so he can once again be ready to fight another day.

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