Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Humor lost..... and found

How can I blog when I'm not funny?

I want to be funny... does that count?

Maybe I was funny at one time in my past, but you know that old saying... use it or lose it... mine is gone for good.

It's possible my ability to look at something and find humor in it went bye-bye when I became a parent. And since I have become a parent on numerous occasions, I am not entirely sure which event squashed what might have been a great career.

You would think there would be so many opportunities as a parent to find something funny to write about. And you would be correct. The problem is that while it is happening it doesn't always seem that funny. It might save a lot of time if you could just laugh about it right then and save yourself all the worry and bad language.

Take for example when my oldest became a teen.

He was a barrel of laughs right from the moment he discovered he could sneak out his bedroom window. He seemed to think of himself as quite clever. Until he discovered that I always knew when one of them was doing something bad. Even in the middle of the night.

I would wake up and know right away he was gone. I knew he was sneaking out to see a girl he liked who lived down the block. I caught her lurking outside his window one night when he wasn't home.

He always denied everything right down to saying he hadn't actually left the house and I somehow had missed seeing him. I guess I should take into consideration how much real estate there is to search in a single bed and how easy it would have been to overlook him in the dark. See I'm not smart enough to turn on the light and pull back the covers then check under the fluffed up pillow that I found stuffed there.

After a week or so of this nonsense, I once again woke up and found him gone. I slid his window all the way closed and locked it. It would be hard to deny he was gone when he couldn't back in the house.

The next morning I found him asleep on a lawn chair in the back yard.

When I asked him what he was doing out there he said he had "Come out to get some air".
He said he was enjoying the night air so much that he just decided to stay there and watch the sun come up.
And he accidently fell asleep.

OH WAIT..... Now I know what happened to my humor.... I gave it to my son.

A couple shots of my comedian from 2005:

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He looks sort of like a young Bono, but only with the sunglasses on.

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