Sunday, November 22, 2009

Exercise for the physically unfit



That is the only way to describe my hiking experience today.

I trailed behind everyone like an old mule someone brought along because they felt sorry for her stuck in the barn all day and she looked like she could use some fresh air.

I didn't even have the luxury of carrying a pack so I could use it as an excuse for my falling half a mile behind everyone.

I shooed the group ahead so everyone didn't keep turning around to check on me to see if I had collapsed. Though I figure it was more for fear they would have to carry me back to the car then actually worried about my state of well being. My family loves me, but there is a limit to what they are willing to do.

Who knew there were miles of long hiking trails through the mountains not 1/4 mile from our house. I suppose the signs and trail-heads might have given me a clue but I wasn't exactly paying attention to those things since we moved in here.

We have decided we need to be more creative in getting the kids active and doing family stuff on the weekend. So yesterday we took them to the park to play soccer. I played goalie which I figured would be the easiest job since all I had to do was stand there and make sure the ball didn't get past me. What I failed to take into consideration was that there was no net behind me so when a ball snuck past me (maybe once or twice, or ten) I had to go retrieve it. It was slightly more physically demanding than I first thought.

Today we headed out to the trails and despite my continue lagging behind we all had a good time.

There were bunnies in the brush, dogs on leashes and several colorful piles of coyote poop. Anyone in earshot knew when Jeffrey spotted it. Amazing what an 8 year old finds exciting.

Or frightening.

We were on the way back and Jeffrey had trotted a bit a head of us when all of sudden he threw his arms over his head and fell into a crouched fetal position, sending his water bottle flying in the opposite direction. We all stood and stared at him. Jeff and I wondered how we had missed someone yelling "Duck & Cover". There was also the possibility of a sniper attack and Jeffrey was the only one aware enough to sense it.

"What's wrong????"

"Something landed on my head.. it was a bug, no it was a bee...well  I dont know what it was but it smacked me real good."

Upon closer examination we could find no sign of a bug, a bee, a leaf or anything at all.

Jeff picked him up and he stayed curled in a ball suspended above the ground. Jeff gave him a shake and slowly his legs straightened out and returned to earth.

"You're fine."

"I'm not so sure about that."

But he marched on towards the car, glancing over his shoulder every few feet to check for unexpected flying objects.

We figure at least if there ever is a nuclear war, Jeffrey will make it through just fine.

Photos of our day in the park yesterday:

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