Monday, September 20, 2010

Are all of those legs really necessary?

What is it about our house that spiders find so inviting?
I keep finding them wandering around like they own the place and it's driving me crazy.

It's not that I'm afraid of them (outright lie)....
it's just that they have so many unnecessary legs.

Seriously, why do they need so many?
They just get in the way. And scare me.
And if you're going to be spending time where I live it's best not to scare me.

And as much as I really just want to squish them and flush their carcass down the toilet, I generally can't get myself to do it.

Yesterday morning as I was preparing the usual Sunday morning pancake feast, Jeff caught sight of a multi-legged trespasser hightailing it up the kitchen wall.

He declared it non poisonous and caught it under a cup. Somehow a few of those unnecessary legs got caught in the process and it fell out of the cup and onto the counter with a couple legs pointing in several (wrong) directions.

We stared at it helplessly as it dragged itself around in circles.


Now what? Squish it and put it out of its misery? What if it's injuries weren't fatal? What if it was only temporarily injured? Do they have spider hospitals where they set broken spider legs?


I slid it back into the cup and gingerly tossed it out the door into the grass.

Maybe those extra legs really are unnecessary after all and they will simply fall off so he can continue going on about his business.

One can only hope.

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