Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Me and my dad ~~ 1973 in our backyard.
I have so few pictures of he and I together.
This one is great because we both look so happy!
Today would have been his 85th Birthday.
I really miss him.
He was taken away far too young.
I was only 26 when he died and I didn't get to experience almost any time as an adult with him.
He loved my kids more than anything and I mourn them not being able to have spent more time with him.
And also for him not being able to see them grow up and get to know what great people they have become.
He never even met my 2 youngest sons.
They will only know him through pictures and stories I tell.
But even my older kids who were only 2, 4 and 5 when he died can only barely remember the man who thought they were the light of his world.
I have a few precious home movies of him but sadly he was already sick when I got the camera so they do not show who he really was.
I have one moment I video taped of he and my mom together about 2 months before he died. My mom asked me to film them so she could always have that memory.
It's heartbreaking for me to watch because you can see in her face that she knows he doesn't have long.
He looks thin and has lost the sparkle that he always had.
Cancer is a horrible horrible enemy and has taken far too many people.

In an effort to lighten this post up, I offer some headshots he had taken in the 1950's when he was actively pursuing an acting career.

But this is how I knew him.... Older, bearded and playing his guitar.

And also like this, with my mom doing make-up at CBS for Connie Chung and Dan Rather.

Happy Birthday Dad.
Wherever you are please know that you are missed more than you know
and I was very honored to have you in my life.

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