Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Way Back Wednesday ~~ 1966

Here I am all of one year old and stuffed into that great old stroller with Smudge who was a peek-a-poo. (Pekingese poodle mix)
I seem to remember my parents also calling him Smidgie..

I still have that baby toy hanging down from the front wrapped up in tissue in my baby trunk.

I'm in the kitchen and those classic 60's cabinets were still there when we sold the house 5 years ago.
That floor which was thick white linoleum with black "gouges" in it lasted until the late 70's when some totally retro stick-down squares were used as a cover up. I don't know who invented that white flooring but even as a kid I remember wondering why anyone would make a floor with holes in it that caught every crumb and piece of dirt that hit the floor.

On the counter is a pack of my dads ever present Marlboro cigarettes. He smoked til I was around 10 and then my mom told him he couldn't smoke in the house anymore and eventually he quit since he didn't like going outside.

Along the back wall on the counter is a set of jelly jars that my mom kept in that exact spot for as long as she lived there. I eventually found a good home for them.

The dining room is behind me. I can just barely make out the thick green drapes hanging on the windows. They match the ones that are in the way-back pic of my mom and cousin in the living room. Matching drapes! My mom loved them.

Not a lot else to say except I really loved that dog... he was already pretty old in this pic so I dont have too many pictures with him so these are very special to me!

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