Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Way Back Wednesday - 1968/69

Today I have 2 pictures that are both taken in the same place 1 year apart.

The first one is in 1968 and I am 3 years old and dressed in more that I usually wore at this age which was usually just some panties.
This is in the living room of my parents 1926 Spanish style house in the Hollywood Hills.
Isn't that the greatest piano you have ever seen?
It is a late 1800's Knabe & Co square grand piano. Very hard to find nowadays. 
So many things in this picture that my mom loved.
First was the antique marble cherub lamp which you can see better in the picture below.
I was quite sad to finally part with this some years back but I just didn't have a place for it.
You can't see it too well but on the right side of the piano is an antique music box. I used to adore having my mom wind it up for me so I could listen to all the different songs it played.
I still have the brass butterfly thats on top of it.
The picture on the wall is of a little song bird watching a bee on a flower. I think that picture is still in storage.
The old sheet music is really neat too. Nice examples can go for quite a bit of money.
Next to me on the piano bench is a rubber horse made by Edward Mobley that I still have in my baby trunk. 
I have 2 matching pieces by the same maker. A teddy bear with fuzzy ears and a dog. I collected a 4th similar piece a few years back off eBay.

This picture was taken in 1969 and I was 4 years old here.
Notice I have the same basic outfit as the previous picture except this time I am sporting a long black wig. The wig belonged to the lady sitting in the chair in the right hand corner. Her name escapes me at this moment but she lived in the back apartment (more like a bedroom with a small kitchenette) for a year or two. I used to beg to wear that wig and wanted to grow my hair that long. When I look back I think it might have been so I could continue not wearing any clothes as I grew older and my long hair would cover up the important parts.
My moms other child, oh wait.... I mean her dog is laying on the top of the chair. That was Lo-sten. (My mom loved Asian culture and names).
Not much different in the background of this picture except that the piano bench is gone and a velvet loveseat has taken its place.
You can see the wallpaper in the stairwell behind the piano. It was gold with flocked green leaves. My mom was forever telling me not to run my hands along the wall so I didn't rub the flocking off.

So thats that for this week. Just me and my exhibitionism.
Going to school finally cured me but not for lack of trying.
I remember the first week of school I begged my mom to let me go in just my undies. I even tried to strike a deal where I asked if they would allow me 2 days a week in my skivvies then I would wear clothes all the other times.

No such luck. 

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