Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Way Back Wednesday ~ 1963

The holidays are upon us.
Even if we aren't ready for them to be.
So I thought I would use my next 2 Way Back posts for Christmas pictures.

This set is from 1963 (maybe 64).
My parents are visiting their best friends of the day Don & Jody Remer.
They had a cool little apartment in the heart of Hollywood.
They also had a poodle named Pierre.
Over the years they had several poodles.
Pierre, Pierre II, Pierre III.... You get the idea.

Here are my parents with Don and Pierre who is sporting a handsome Christmas bow.
Don't you love the the silver tree behind them?
And all the cool cards pinned to the vintage curtains?
Love my dad's 50's tie.
I wonder how long it took for my mom to get ready?
That hair style didn't come easy.
She is wearing her mink stole that my dad bought from her from a furrier in Beverly Hills called AJ Lipsey.
It had her name embroidered inside.
I (of course) still have this but unfortunately it didn't fair particularly well through the years and has a split near the top from where it was hanging. I don't really know what to do with it because I would never wear it but it was so special to her that it feels wrong to sell it.

Here are my mom and Jody (and Pierre) holding gifts.
I wonder what's in them? In the first picture my father is holding the gift that Jody is holding here.
If you look closely you can see a rubber fire hydrant under the tree on the left.
Pierre must have been a good boy this year.

My only question is why the photographer felt it necessary to sit on the floor while taking the picture?

Hope your holidays are going well and that Santa is feeling particularly generous this year.
At least that's what Jeffrey said yesterday.

Hand in there..... only 3 more days 'til Friday!

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Hermana Linda said...

Interesting question. I wonder if the photographer was a child. That seems unlikely though. He or she could possibly have been sitting in a chair, but you're right, the angle is really, really low. Maybe it was a teenager who just didn't feel like getting up from the floor. Hmmm...