Friday, December 17, 2010

What to-do list?

Sometimes life tries to tell you that you are frazzled.

It gives you little hints.

Tonight in the kitchen, for example I couldn't figure out why my electric hand mixer was so freakin' hot.

It might have been that I plugged in the iron by accident.

Maybe I was subliminally thinking about how wrinkled my shirt was when I put it on this morning.

It doesn't help that kids are in such a frenzy over the impending holiday that they are vibrating like jell-o.

Katherine made herself a bracelet out of jingle bells and she was dancing around the house sounding like a deranged reindeer on uppers.

I finally had to confiscate the thing, promising she could have it back for the school party tomorrow.


Even though I got a huge amount done today, I don't feel like I am any farther along on my to-do list.

OK so maybe I don't actually HAVE a to-do list but if I did, there wouldn't be a whole lot crossed off of it.

I did manage to bake cookies for the teacher's gifts. I made spaghetti sauce. I ran another practice for the song the kids are going to be performing on the weekend. (And I hardly yelled at all). I cleaned the huge mess that I made in the kitchen from the aforementioned projects. I cleaned out the litter box. I spot cleaned the carpet in the den. I took a shower and washed my hair.

But I did not decorate the tree (the 5 ornaments hanging on it do not count). I did not make any progress in straightening up the house for the impending mother-in-law visit. I did not clean any of the bathrooms (also in anticipation of said visit).  I did not work on the quilt I want to give Katherine for Christmas. I did not eat within my recommended calorie allotment (see earlier kitchen projects for explanation). I did nothing to better my cardio health, but I haven't done that in the last month so THAT was no surprise. I didn't start wrapping gifts (Oh wait, I haven't bought any yet so I'm off the hook on that one). I didn't find an extension cord for the outside lights. The neighbors are going to think scrooge lives here.

I keep asking myself how I can get so much done and still feel like I accomplished nothing.

Then I remember that I'm a mom and that pretty much explains it all.

Hope the teachers like homemade cookies since it was all I could afford this year.

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Allie said...

Home Made cookies are the best present! We are giving a home made gift to the teachers this year as well! That To-Do list never gets shorter here and eventually we just go about our day with a smile and a hug! Sounds like you need one so I'm sending a virtual hug your way!!! Happy Holidays!!!