Friday, January 21, 2011

Bon Voyage!

Yes I've been a neglectful blogger and haven't been keeping up.. missing 2 of my Way Back Wednesday posts!


It's been pretty hectic trying to juggle all the things going on and with the cruise this weekend I've been running around like that damn proverbial chicken.

It was also my birthday yesterday and I spent the morning and early afternoon with Sally. We've known each other now for 40 years. There is something really special about having a friend for that long. There is nothing they don't know about you (or you about them). They've been with you through the good, the bad and they ugly. And I can honestly say we've never really had any falling outs or real arguments. Unless you count that time in my back yard when we had a rather heated discussion over what sound a squirrel actually makes. It wasn't pretty. And to this day I don't think it was ever settled to either of our satisfactions.

I think I will use next Wednesday to post a few pictures of Sally and I as kids. I would do it today but I think if I were knee deep in going through pictures and scanning them into the computer, Jeff would question my dedication to actually getting out of the house on time to leave for the port today.

So I will not be around until at least Monday and I plan on posting a nice trip report full of tons of pictures of our adventure.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and wanted to once again thank everyone who wished me Happy Birthday over on Facebook. I was truly blown away by the number of people who took the time to drop me a note. It really made my day!!!

See you all soon!!!

Disney Wonder.. Here we come!


Leesa said...

OMG! Have a WONDERFUL time!!! Sounds like fun.. I want to see pics, too!!!


Anonymous said...

well happy belated bday

Allie said...

Hope you have a magical trip Melora! You deserve the break!