Monday, January 3, 2011

Facts ~~ Weird but True!

You learn all kinds of things driving to school in the morning.

For instance did you know that, in France, if your house is haunted you have to report it police?

Porcupines can float?

There is a 300 year old hurricane on Jupiter?

There is an onion that weighs more than your head?

And there are ants that will explode when they are attacked?

Jeffrey is truly a font of information. This is what I get when I tell him to go read a book instead of bouncing around the living room while I am trying to relax and watch TV.

My bad.

So off they went back to school this morning. I was wondering where the past 2 weeks went. It both felt like an eternity and a flash all at the same time.

And thus the New Year begins. As does my renewed weight loss program.

I lost 50 pounds last year. The problem is I put *some* of it back on. Even 5 pounds would have been too much but I went a bit beyond that. At least I didn't put it ALL back. But enough to make me grumpy and grumbly that all that work I did I now have to repeat. At least I'm not alone. Jeff gained some of his back to.

The difference though is that he had reached his goal weight (went below it actually) and I was only half way there.

And in three weeks we have a 2 day cruise on the Disney Cruise Line which is going to throw a monkey wrench in my eating plan. I'm going to TRY to balance eating well with still enjoying the cruise food without going totally overboard. (Unintentional cruise humor).

But between now and then I must plan my meals, write down what I eat, do cardio, go to the gym, avoid snacking 20 times a day and in general completely change the lifestyle I have been living with for the past several months.

I've got a blog that I started last year on weight loss and I guess I'm going to have to resurrect it and maybe make it viewable so I can keep myself honest.

My goal is at least 12-15 pounds a month which is very doable if I stay within calories. Last year I only lost about 8-10 pounds a month but I snacked more than I should of and used the excuse, well I'm still losing weight so what does it matter?

It will take me about 3 days to get back into the hang of this. I figure I will be hungry for the first couple of days because I'm used to grazing constantly. But once I get into the groove, it's not so hard to stay on track. It's getting that dang cardio in that's the hardest.

So that's my life right now. I am excited to think about getting to a point that I don't feel so negative about how I look. I had started to feel like that back in June (last time I lost any weight) so I know I can do it again.

Anyone who wants to join me and needs a friend for support just let me know. I've got some good tips and tricks up my sleeve.

Time to get myself out of this chair and get moving.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

~~ Addendum: There isn't a law in France that you have to report Haunted Houses to the police.... the law is from New York and it states you have report Haunted Houses to prospective buyers. Apparently Jeffrey doesn't remember everything as accurately as he likes to think!

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Allie said...

Melora, I'd love to join you on your weight loss journey! My goal is 15 lbs per month. Please share your tips and tricks!