Monday, January 31, 2011

General Chit Chat

Some days my slice of life is a nice hunk of birthday cake.... the yummy kind... with buttercream frosting and really good mousse filling between the layers.

Other days my slice is like..well the yucky kind with lard frosting and no layers.

It's hard to say which kind I'm going to get until I actually bite into it. Then no matter what I get, I'm stuck with it. You eat it, you own it sort of thing.

Lately I've lost my taste for cake altogether. I haven't had a really good gourmet moist and delicious slice in quite a long time.

But I'm hoping the winds of change have begun to blow.

I've been crazy busy, listing on eBay and by the time I'm done processing pictures, writing descriptions and organizing all the components of a good auction I'm too sick of computers to want to write anything over here.

The effort seems to be paying off already though because most of the things I have listed have a large amount of interest. And lots of early bidding going on. All things to give me a bit of a boost in the mood department.

I really love putting together posts for my blog and when I can't or don't feel like doing anything it bugs me. I keep telling myself to just write SOMETHING... even if it's 2 words but sometimes even that feels like too much.

I am dreaming of the days when I dont have a garage full to the rafters (literally) of things that need to be sold (my parents treasures that are still with us) and we don't have to scramble to make sure all bills and obligations of that nature are taken care of.

The dojo is coming along quite nicely and Jeff is teaching almost daily and we are strategizing about ways to get in new students. Thats actually fun and doesn't feel quite so much like work as other stuff.

Now it's time for some talent show practice and after those two are in bed, Jeff and Alex will join me for a nice relaxing evening on the sofa to wind down from the day while we continue watching our current DVD selection.

And who knows... tomorrow I may decide I don't even want cake in first place.... it might be time to try a nice big bowl of chocolate ice cream! With whipped cream too!

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