Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Great Waffle Debaucle

Me: Jeffrey do you want a waffle for lunch..I some some leftover batter from breakfast?

Jeffrey: No, I'm fine.

Me: Are you sure?

Jeffrey: I am totally sure. (truth: I don't want to stop playing video games that I can only play on the weekend)

As the last lunch waffle comes out of the maker I send Katherine in to "just make sure" that he doesn't want one.

Jeffrey says he is SURE he doesn't want one. (truth: I STILL don't want to stop playing video games that I can only play on the weekend)

Last waffle broken in 2 and split between Jeff and Alex.

15 minutes later blonde hair and freckles shows up wondering where the waffle I saved for him is.

Me: Excuse me?

Jeffrey: Where's my waffle? You said you would save me one.

Me: I most certainly did not. I asked you twice and you said you didn't want one so I gave it away.

The incredible look of disbelief that appeared on his face made me wonder if I had crossed over into an alternate reality; one where I actually had promised him a waffle.

Jeffrey: What do you mean.....??? I TOLD you I wanted one and you said you'd save it for me until I finished playing my game? I was looking forward to it. I wanted one. I need one. What am I going to eat for lunch???

No matter how you sliced it, this didn't look like it was going to end well.

Me: Jeffrey, I specifically asked you once and sent Katherine in to ask you again and you said no both times.

Jeffrey: (tears beginning to roll) No I didn't.. I really didn't... I wanted one..... Are you saying there are no more left?

Me: That's the story.

Apparently I had no idea that (leftover) waffles for lunch was something one's happiness and reason for living could depend on.

After the meltdown (which he had by himself because no one wanted to be witness) he straightened himself up and enjoyed a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch. Which he announced was really quite good and possibly better than that waffle that I didn't save for him. And that he learned that cereal for lunch could be a good thing.

Glad I could be of service to you kid.

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