Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!

Hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful New Year's Day!

I have not forsaken the blog world.. I have just been unable to use my computer very much as Alex has gotten new Play Station games and he has been trying to squeeze every last minute of enjoyment out of them before he returns to school and can only play for a little while on the weekends. (My computer is hooked up to the same screen as his games which is currently housed in his room.)

Also Grandma was in town and we all know how that goes!

My goal is to get posting either later today (I have to go to the airport shortly to pick up Sarah so don't know if I can accomplish THAT) or get back on track tomorrow.

Blogging for me is great outlet of frustrated energy so I don't want to go as long between postings as I have in the last month.

The holidays just kind of sucked the life out of me this year because of our financial situation (and Grandma).

I'll head back to the Twilight Zone marathon for awhile, but I wanted to let my loyal readers know that I have been thinking about you all and plan on being even more productive in the coming months!

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Allie said...

Happy New Year! Hope things settle down for you soon! Love your posts as always!