Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let me Entertain You....

Ahhh the relaxing Sunday morning calm.
Hot cup of coffee... buttermilk waffles with warm maple syrup.
Star Trek the Movie humming quietly on the TV.

And Jeffrey arriving ala Tom Cruise in  Risky Business.. sliding across the tile playing the air guitar and disappearing out the other door.

Of course instead of a white button down shirt and sunglasses he was wearing footie pajamas and baseball cap.

By the time he got to his third pass my serenity was gone.


Peeking around the corner "Yes?"

"What on earth are you doing and WHY are you doing that here?"

"I was entertaining you."

Oh I missed that.

"Do you have to "entertain" me so early in the day?

"You told me you liked it when I was funny."

Funny and annoying... two edges of the same sword.

"Well I do, but can you "entertain" me a little later when my brain is more awake and I can actually enjoy it?"

"If you say so, but I may not feel like it then."

I guess I'll just have to take my chances.

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