Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Way Back Wednesday ~ 1966 (Adoption Day)

Hey there
We're glad that you could show

OH ouch! Sorry I was channeling a ridiculous song from a Charlie's Angels episode I saw recently and I can't get the dang thing outta my head.

So here we are half way through the first week back to school. And I am not liking having to get up when the alarm tells me instead of when I dang well feel like it.

Welcome to life.

So in honor of this being my birthday month I thought I would post 2 pictures that were taken on the day of my adoption in January 1966. Which just happened to coordinate with my birthday.

First up is my mom holding me in her bathroom. We are both all dressed up and ready to go to court.
On the back of the picture my mother says I am wearing a hat with Marabou feathers on it. Marabous I have discovered are in the stork family, so I wonder if the hat was chosen on purpose. (Being that they were going to officially become my parents that day).

Do I have to mention I still have this hat in it's original hat box? You can't open the lid without becoming covered in small pink feather fuzz.

That chandelier hanging behind my mom stayed in the bathroom for as long as we owned the house. By the end though, it was missing many of the crystals and had lost part of its glamor. The curtains lasted into the 1980s before they were taken down and never replaced.

I might also mention that in all pictures of me as baby, I have red nose. Looks like I have been hitting the bottle a little heavier than necessary.

And here are both my mom and dad holding me at their friends house after court was finished and I was legally theirs. The friends  (Fred and Mary Scott) came to court with us and were one of the people to act as character witnesses telling the judge that they thought my parents would make good parents. They were also the ones to give me the outfit and fancy hat.

Whenever I see this picture, my eyes are drawn to the jars along the top of the paneled wall. I could never figure out what they were doing there. Or what they really were. I sort of thought they were mason jars, but looking more closely, I don't think so. And as usual, I love the old retro chest and cheesy knick knacks.

So I hope your week has been good and the rest of the week will be better!!

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