Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yes, it really was my idea.....

Jeffrey and Katherine are taking another stab at the talent show this year.

 Click here and scroll to the bottom to see a look at last years show

Jeffrey wants to sing "Heartbeat...It's a Lovebeat" by the DeFranco Family circa 1973. (Oddly enough Tony DeFranco  is our real estate agent..... Just an FYI.). We were roadblocked on this because I cant find the song in a karaoke version.

Also because Katherine doesn't want to do anything by herself so they agreed they would do their Karate forms to the music of "Kung Fu Fighting". It really looks good and I personally think the other kids are going to to be impressed. (I'm such a mom.)

Jeffrey on the other hand wasn't so sure. He kept saying that most of the other kids take Tae Kwon Do and they would all make fun of him for doing Karate.

I told him that first, if the kids made fun of him then they weren't being taught to be tolerant of other types of marital arts. And second if he was embarrassed then maybe he needed to listen what his Sensei tells him about being proud of yourself and the things that you do no matter what others think.

He wiggled and whined and said he wasn't sure.

And he kept asking me if there was something else I thought he was good at.

I told him if he really wanted to showcase his natural talents he could get up on the stage and burp and fart the National Anthem.

His eyes lit up.

Immediately I was horrified I even said that but now I was more worried he was thinking of taking me up on the idea.

Suddenly he started laughing and couldn't stop.

He rolled around the floor barely able to take a breath.

Finally, gasping for air, his face flushed and his hair a mess he managed to say "Oh mom! I don't think they would let me do that.... I guess I better stick to the karate idea."

I really better watch  what I say from now on.
I don't need to have the school calling me so I have to say "Yes Mrs Cain, Jeffrey was right, it really WAS my idea, but I didn't intend for him to do it in public. I'm very sorry and I will be sure to use better judgement in the future when speaking in front of those who are young and impressionable."

Nope, definitely don't want to go there.

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