Friday, March 25, 2011

Dance like no one is watching

Apparently driving to school in the morning is a boring and tedious task that requires one to invent out of the ordinary things to amuse oneself.

I was about halfway to school when I glanced in the rear-view mirror and was met with 2 completely contorted faces. One eye was squished shut and one side of their mouths was curved up into a half smile with their tongue out and waggling back and forth on their cheeks.

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to lick our eyebrows."

There was a few moments of silence as I contemplated their ability to accomplish this. I also momentarily thought about telling them if they weren't careful their faces might stick like that but realized Jeffrey might think that would be cool and try to keep his face like that as long as possible.

I chose to avoid looking in the mirror.

I had to stop at the market after dropping off Alex and before I got them to their destination.

I got them into the store and even managed to arrive at the right aisle without incident. I found what I needed and was heading towards the register when the background music suddenly changed from boring elevator music to that song "You've got to move it, move it".

Within 5 seconds Jeffrey had broken out into one his dances and was bopping up and down in the aisle.

I made a hard left turn hoping to lose him but no such luck.

We arrived at the register and he continued to bop and bounce away in rhythm to the beat.

Katherine suddenly found the tabloids very interesting as she moved slowly away from him hoping no one she knew would see her in his presence.

I'm not sure if Jeffrey thinks he lives in an invisible bubble that no one can see into but when we got to the cashier and she smiled and laughed at him, he suddenly froze, looked around and a little louder than necessary said

"I was just kidding." And promptly attached himself  my hip.

The people in line all giggled at him which caused him to burrow even deeper against me.
I tried to shake him off so I could pay with both hands but no such luck. He stayed attached all the way to the car.

"Jeffrey, why do you bop around like that if you don't want to people to see you?"

"I don't know... I just hear the music and I cant help myself. My feet have a mind of their own. Music makes me happy."

I realized at that moment that he is a living example of that age old saying "To dance like no one is watching."

At least until he opens his eyes and realizes that everyone is. Now I just need to teach him not to care.

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