Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break Adventures

Spring Break this week! Jeffrey and Katherine's friends, Jacob and Olivia (twins) are spending the week with us and in Jeffrey's words: "WOW we are going to have SO much fun!!!"

And in truth is there anything more fun than playing Monopoly with 4 kids?

Poking your eye out with a stick comes to mind.
Or maybe having a dream where you show up to work naked only to discover it's not a dream.

Either would surely be quieter and require less difficult and complex math than either of the above.

"I want to buy that... how much is it? $260? OK here's a $500 bill now I get back $340......
You only gave me $240 dollars, you owe me $100.
Lucky I know how to add or else you would have short changed me!"

This from the kid who goes to math league.

"Hey! Get your elbow out of my money pile!
MOM! Katherine is purposely putting her elbow in my money pile."

(Give me a second, I'll phone 911)

"Jeffrey stop yelling Cha-Ching every time I land on your property.. It's not funny, it's annoying."

"Jacob thinks it's funny, don't you Jacob?"
(Lots of mouth covered giggling from Jacob)

"MOM... Jeffrey is not listening to me."

"What did you say Katherine?"

"MOM!! Did you hear that? Jeffrey is pretending not to hear me"

No I was sitting right here but somehow missed the entire conversation.

Not sure if I can take much more fun.

We did take the 4 person (plus Alex) crew to the zoo this week and aside from wanting to leave Jeffrey in the monkey cage a few times, we had a pretty good time.

I won't bore you with all the pictures I took but here are a few just to document the adventure:

The last time we went the Petting Zoo was closed and since then Jeffrey has talked non-stop about wanting to back to see if it was open. Fortunately it was and the kids were exstatic.
You have to wash your hands before you go in, and the boys really liked the the hand washing station:

They no longer let you feed the goats which is probably just as well because who needs a bunch of fat goats?
Now you get to brush them which the boys really enjoyed:

Katherine and Olivia thought the goats looked fine and didn't need any hair styling:

Probably the highlight of the trip were the domes where you could get up close and personal with the prairie dogs. The hard part was getting the kids out of there.

 They are cute little buggers aren't they?

We've still got 3 days (including today) of vacation left and I'm trying to think of things to keep everyone busy.
We'll have an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow and I will have to try to keep myself from OD-ing on chocolate easter bunnies. And hoping maybe they will spend the next 2 days in a sugar coma and it will go by in relative quiet.

But I'm not holding my breath.

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