Friday, May 27, 2011

Forgotten Friday ~~ Pong, Nintendo

I didn't have video games when I was a little kid.

My dad got me the Mattel Football hand held game sometime in the late 70's which put me in my early teens. It had tiny red LED lights that moved across the screen to simulate players. I played it a lot and thought it was pretty cool. I might even have it still in one of my memory boxes.

The next step up was Pong. One of my girlfriends got this for Christmas (or more likely Hanukkah) one year and I was so jealous that she could play any time she wanted.

Of course looking back now I can't imagine that this held anyone's attention for too long. I was terrible at it so after the 5th or 6th game I usually gave up.

The very first incarnation of video games that actually made it into my possession was the very first Nintendo game system which a friend of mine gave the kids because they had bought a newer version.
Thats was probably the late 90's.

The kids played Mario endlessly and I also got pretty good at it.

But truly my all time favorite from this era was Zelda. I learned all the tricks and short cuts until I beat the game. I still have fond memories of sitting in front of the TV playing over and over until I got it right.

Then in 1992 for Christopher's  7th birthday he got the Holy Grail of gifts; The Super Nintendo!

There were the usual favorite games:

One of my personal favorites was Mario Cart because I got really good at it!
I always had to be Yoshi and none of the kids could beat me!
I played this not too long ago and was appalled that I could no longer stay on the course on Rainbow Road and Jeffrey beat my pants off on every level.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Then there was Mario Paint that came complete with a "Super Nintendo Mouse".
The kids spent hours and hours playing it and I have to admit I was pretty fond of it too.

Here is a home movie Chris took of one of the songs he "wrote".

Then there was Yoshi's Island.
I just adored this game. Loved the patchwork feel to it.
I spent quite a bit of time in my off hours playing and eventually beat the game.

And last but not least for today was the original Gameboy.
This was another hand-me-down and again I can remember Chris being over the moon when he got it.
He kept saying how he could now take video games everywhere and he didn't think it could get any better than that.

So I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.
3 days to sleep in and relax.
And play some video games!!

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