Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Way Back Wednesday ~ Chris' Big TV Debut 1990

OK so this isn't nearly as "Way Back" as I normally go, but I am currently in the throes of coping my old VHS movies to DVD and I came across a video of my oldest, Christopher from an Izuzu Truck commercial that he did when he was 4 years old.

The fact that I even have a copy of this is next to amazing because the company told me that they did not provide copies of their commercials because of copyright infringement or some other excuse I can't remember. One day I just happened to get a hold of a sympathetic producer when I called (for the 10th time) explaining to them I never got to see the ad when it was on TV and I was just devastated. So she sent me the video and I have kept it all years these promising myself one day I would get it onto a more permanent and secure medium.

The cool thing is that Chris was not the first choice of the producers. They had chosen another little boy (who I believe was the child of one of the producers) and Chris was called in as a back up. The director told us they would film both boys but unless something went wrong the other kid would be the one they used.

The wardrobe lady fitted both of them into the pajamas which included taking a regular pair of footie pajamas and cutting a flap into them and then sewing on buttons to give them a traditional look. All this while the boys were in them.

The other little boy was taken onto the set first and they gave him instructions such as "When I say BIG BIRD you turn and look at the truck and when I say BALLOONS start swinging your bear." And "Now when I say COTTON CANDY you look over your shoulder then look back at me and make a face like you just ate green beans."

The other kid would not follow directions quickly enough when the words were called out and he could not make a funny face that the director was happy with. So when it was Chris' turn he did everything on cue and then he made the face you see in one take and everyone laughed so hard and the director said " thats what I was looking for!" The other boys mom looked pretty mad and I had to try not to look too happy.

When it was time to leave they told us that we wouldn't know which kid was chosen for about a month but in less than a week we got our first check from the production company and I knew they had chosen Chris.

And as I mentioned, I never did see it on TV, but everyone else I knew in the free world seemed to catch it because I got at least 3 calls a day from an excited relative or friend informing me that they had just seen Chris on TV.

At least I have a permanent version and I can watch it anytime I want!!

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