Thursday, February 2, 2012

Way Back When

Kids don't understand that certain things in their life that they take for granted are not inalienable rights, but instead are given to them as favors and can be taken away if grantor of said favors deems it no longer in their best interest to continue giving of themselves.

 For instance, like being driven to school instead of having to walk.

Overheard this morning:

"Mom, did you know that you used to be able to buy a hamburger for only 10¢?"

"Really? Wow that was a good deal."

"But it was a very, very long time ago. WAAAAAAY way back when."

"And exactly how "way back when" are you talking about?"

"Like when you were a kid."

If we weren't on the freeway at that very moment I would have pulled over and made him walk.

You know like I had to do when I was a kid.

20 miles.

In the snow.


Both ways.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Talent Show Mania

It's that time of year again. The talent show is upon us.

And, so as not to break with tradition, I did not find out until Monday that the try-outs are next Tuesday.

So I have next-to-no-time to get the dynamic duo to learn a routine well enough to show the try-out committee.

Last night was our first "rehearsal". I use that term loosely because the first 15 minutes consisted of a lot of bitching and whining about who was going to stand in the front, which way they were going to start the first move and wondering how much longer this was going to take. That last part was mine.

The following is a list of notes and helpful suggestions from the peanut gallery:

J: Katherine keeps stepping on my feet.
K: Its not my fault your feet are so big.

K: Jeffrey keeps hitting me in the face when he makes his turn.
J: Its not my fault your face is so big.

J: I'm not doing that move. It makes me look like a girl.
K: Its not just the move that does that.

K: I can't start like that. I'm not left handed.
Me: That has nothing to do with which direction you start in.
K:  It doesn't? Oh Ok.
Me (silently) Are we through yet?

Jeff (from his office): Now you know how I feel when I'm teaching them at the dojo twice a week.

It's a wonder he hasn't used a karate chop on one of them in the past year.

I have 6 days to get them relatively good at this.
If I don't throttle them in the mean time.
Wish me luck.

Here is their routine from 2 years ago... They've grown so much (sniff sniff).