Sunday, September 14, 2014

Adventures with Iggy

Sometime in late spring of last year we got a free baby iguana...
We named him Iggy in honor of Jeffs childhood pet.
This is one of his early baby pictures:

Since then he has grown and been a fun addition to our pet family.
Being an iguana, he enjoys being up high so he can look down at all of us lowly humans.
One of his favorite places is up above the patio door which he gets to by using a long 2 x 4 covered in carpet. We leave him here for part of each day.

This evening I was in the kitchen when I glanced into the living and saw this....

Knowing something was up (or NOT up anymore), I checked it out and found this in my silk plant:

 After I apprehended the wanderer, Kitten checks out the plant to make sure nothing else interesting is hiding in there.

And 20 minutes later what do I find?
Kitten and Iggy sitting in a (cat) tree...

Iggy deals with it by putting on his best "If I close my eyes maybe it will go away" face.

This time we collected him and put him where he isn't as likely to get into any trouble.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Kitty Fuzz

 September 2013 we brought Kitten home from a trip to visit the grandkids in Arizona.
She has been an unending pleasure and delight.

You need to work quietly? Let me sing you the song of my people!

Lounging amid Carmageddon after a visit by the 5 year old

But by far the most ridiculous thing she does is beg for you to turn on the water faucet every time you go into the bathroom.
It starts out normal enough....

But always ends up the same way.
I think it's her favorite part of the whole experience.

The following pictures pretty much sum up Leo's contribution to life in our household.