Thursday, August 25, 2016

No wonder I'm tired

4 AM
Brain: Hey... psssst.... Hey YOU..... you gotta pee.
Me: No I don't
Brain: No, you do. And you know you can't just lay here all comfortable when you gotta pee.
Me: Don't you keep up with current events, I JUST peed 15 minutes ago, remember? We tripped over the cat on the way to the bathroom?
Brain: Yeah, but you still gotta go. Can't you tell?
Me: I can feel my own bladder. I know I don't have to pee anymore, now shut up, leave me alone and go to sleep.
Brain: Bubbling brooks. Waterfalls. Rushing rivers. Showers with the warm water streaming down your face, over your body, hitting the tub floor and flowing down the drain. Rain, falling from the...
Me: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, if it'll shut you up.
2 minutes later
Me: SEE? I told you I didn't have to pee!
Brain: Well at least now you know and you don't have to lay there and wonder. You should thank me.

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