Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kids in Black

The kids go to a very small school. 
So it's not unusual to get personal phone calls from the staff about random stuff which leads to that awkward moment when you realize you really don't know everything that goes on with your kid when they are out of your sight.

Yesterday the phone rings.

Me: Hello
VP: Hello Mrs Zucker?
Me: Yes
VP: This is Mrs R, the vice principal at AAEC, I had a question for you about Jay.
Me: (racking my brain trying to figure out who she is talking about)
VP: Just a quick question... it won't take a very long.... Mrs Zucker?
Me: Um, I'm sorry... Who is this about?
VP: About Jay. Your Son.
Me: Uh... Do you mean Jeffrey? (Don't want to get into a whole conversation and find out she is talking to the wrong parent).
VP: (laughing) Oh yes, he goes by Jay at school. Did you not know that?

Well obviously not. 
And now I suddenly feel like one of those out of touch parents who is completely oblivious to their children's lives.

And I am wondering if perhaps Jeffrey has secretly joined Men in Black and now requires everyone to call him Agent J. 
Has Katherine joined too and now I will have to call her Agent K?

I decide against offering this possibility to the VP so I don't blow anyone's cover and lamely answer:
Me: Oh yes, now that you mention it, I do seem to remember him telling me about that. 

A small lie was better than an admission of ignorance any day.

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