Sunday, December 28, 2008


The time between Christmas and New Years is like a week long purgatory. You are done with one year and in a holding pattern waiting for the next one to start.

You are given a week to consider how you will make things better (should you choose to do so) for the coming year.

You can't really start any "New Life Changes" during that time because it would be like a false start. The universe referee would blow the whistle and you have to get back to the starting block and wait nice and proper with the rest of the humanity for January 1st to roll around.

All week I keep saying I will start eating properly and get back to the gym. But I keep rationalizing that I can't do anything until this stinky year is all finished and done with.

I barely stepped foot in the gym this year, as compared to the year before when I was there 5 days a week for at least an hour at a time. I could really get moving on the treadmill and was approaching being able to bench about 100 pounds. I guess I figured the year was just one big wash so I might as well go with the flow and add gaining 10 pounds to the list of other atrocities the year brought our way.

We also said goodbye to a dear family member who was with us for 9 years.
We will miss you Rosie and you will always be in our hearts.

But the new year dawns on the horizon with a hopeful pink glow that it will bring closure to some of the issues that colored 2008.

Our family is healthy and there is a lot of love. I guess as long as we have that, we will be doing just fine.

On that note, one can always use a little jib jab to lighten up a day....

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