Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

22 years ago my wonderful little girl was born!

An 8 lb 8 oz bundle of love.

2 hours old:

4 mos old:

1 year old:

3 years old:

5 years old:

7 years old:

10 years old:

13th Birthday:

The teenage years filled with  lovin' Elvis and funky hats:

You've done so many fun things.
Starting with nude modeling when you were one:

Moving up the ranks in Karate:

Making fashion statements:

Performing in plays:

And you've been all over the world...
The glaciers in Alaska:

Hiking in Hawaii:

Dancing at Disney World:

Visiting Elvis in Vegas:

The Hermitage in Russia:

but I hope you know that home is where you are loved the best and missed the most!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl!!!

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