Friday, February 11, 2011

So this cat walks into a bar.....

"And THEN Garfield said "Odie do you want cookie" and Odie comes running over while Garfield is holding this rope attached to a safe and..."



"Can you possibly NOT read me every Garfield comic in the book?"

"I thought you liked Garfield."

"Yes but it's a lot funnier when I can see the pictures."
(and haven't heard them 25 times a piece)

"Well turn around and look at them."



"I'm driving."


"And I need to watch the road."

"Well how about when you stop at the next light?"

"I'm not an owl. Or Linda Blair".

"Whats that mean?"

"My head does not turn 180°. Even if I wanted it to." (which I don't)
"I cant see because you are directly behind me."

"What if I sit up front?"

"You aren't old enough. And you only weigh 52 pounds." I've only explained this to him 150 (thousand) times.

"I can sit on the other side of the car so your head wont have to turn so far around."

Katherine helpfully pointed out that she was already sitting there.

Jeffrey helpfully pointed out that she could move.

"Where am I supposed to go?"

"To the back seat."

"I don't want to sit there."

"But mom wants to see Garfield."

(I do?)

"I'm not climbing over the seat while we're driving."

"Well then mom won't get to see the pictures and it will be all your fault."

Enter the famous Katherine glare complete with folded arms and pouting lip.

"That is NOT nice Jeffrey!"

"Well I'm jus sayin'."

Seriously? Where does he hear this stuff? I better put a stop to it before it gets ugly.

"Guys.... No one is climbing around while the car is moving. Jeffrey, you can read me some cartoons when we get home but until then, save them for when I can see them OK?"

"Well OK, but I was just trying to be nice and entertain you while you have nothing else to do."

(Except drive?)

"Well thank you for thinking about me."

"You're welcome."

His heart's in the right place. Even if it isn't well received in practice.

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