Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Way Back Wednesday ~~ 1935

I figured in an effort to get back to my weekly picture posts, I thought I would start with something not too complicated!

I found this great picture of my dad and his sister Anita from the mid 1930's.
Looks like it is probably summer time and they are outside near the garden.

My dad is wearing a shirt with a zipper and I don't know what strikes me as odd about that.. I know they had zippers back then.

Anita is sitting on a really fantastic old hobby horse. There's something I would really love to have!

She is holding a little dog that looks to me like a King Charles Spaniel. My dad isn't around to tell me the little guys name but I'm sure it must have been a family pet.

Basically this is just a great picture of a typical day in the Oklahoma sunshine.

I think most people around the country are looking forward to some sunshine and warmth. Hope this winter doesn't last too much longer for all of you. Being out here in So Cal I cant complain as it's going to be close to 80° by this weekend. Please refrain from throwing rocks or sarcastic comments. 

Stay warm if you're cold and don't gloat if you're not!

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