Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reality... when did this happen?

OK. Cold hard reality of the situation is that I am simply not going to be able to keep up with this blog the way I want to during this summer.

My computer is basically a timeshare while the kids are home.

I get time when others are willing to share.

The computer is in Alex's room and he uses it to hide from the reality of the upcoming school year. 5 AP classes + Honors something else I don't remember. He is frantically trying to spend as much time killing zombies and improving his prestige level in Black OPs because he knows once school starts he will be lucky if he gets an hour a week away from schoolwork.

Then Jeffrey begs (add whines and rolls around on the ground) to play a new game Alex came up with called Minecraft and it can only be played on this computer. So we allow him 45 minutes to an hour a day to dig in the dirt so he can collect rocks and loot and whatever else he unearths to build a house. I cannot for the life of me understand why the boys find this so exciting.

Then I have to list on eBay. It takes me a lot more time than I would like it to, to take pictures, process pictures, upload pictures, write the auctions, fine tune the auctions and get them listed. By the time I am through doing that I either dont feel like sitting around here anymore or I have 2 boys hanging over my shoulder wondering when I'm going to be finished so whoever is faster can slide into the chair to play their games. This also makes it hard to use the bathroom when I'm listing because if I don't choose exactly the right moment when no one is paying attention, I will find my chair occupied when I return.

AND I've found this new passion of keeping my trip countdown blog so whenever I have a moment and feel like blogging I tend to go there.

But I promise that I will keep doing what I can here and once school starts again in a month I will be back to posting some of the regular features.

Thank you all for bearing with me... and stop by the trip countdown for some really great photos!!!

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Allie said...

Melora will you share the link to what you're selling on ebay??? Thanks!

I understand where you're coming from! I'm very thankful for a hubby who works with computers all day who's refurbished some older ones for my girls lol...