Thursday, January 29, 2015

Adventures with Jeff

Me (for 10+ minutes): Hic Hic Hic Ouch..... HIC HIC HIC

Jeff: Got the Hiccups?

Me: HIC Good HIC guess HIC.. Ouch these hurt... HIC HIC

Jeff: Did you try some water?

Me: HIC, no, Hic, It never, Hic, Helps..... HIC HIC HIC

I go back to work and then, 2 minutes later:

I hear the LOUDEST, most earth shattering "HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" delivered at the top of someone's lungs, directed right at me.

I screech and fall off my chair in terror. Quite certain my heart has stopped.

The cat has become airborne as well and rocketed 2 rooms away before stopping to figure out what the Hell happened.

Jeff (calmly): Did that help?

Me (eyes still bulging out of their sockets) I think I died of fright so it doesn't matter anymore.

Jeff (smiling): well I try to help where I can.

(And as much as I hate to admit it, having the crap scared out of you REALLY does get rid of the hiccups.)

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