Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Things Forgotten

I do believe I must suffer from early onset Alzheimer's disease. Only I can't remember why

No seriously... I forget more things on a daily basis then is normal, I'm sure of it.

The other day Jeff called me to come to the dojo and bring him the vacuum (he was fixing the wall and made a dusty mess). That was all he called me for, that was all I had to remember. That was the only reason I was leaving the house. So of course I walked to the car, drove to the dojo, got out of the car, walked into the dojo smiling happily.... right up to the point that I realized the vacuum was sitting back at the house forgotten as I breezed past it out door.

That was a tough one to explain.

"Exactly how does one forget the only thing you were leaving the house for?"

"Ummmmm..... I was so excited to come down and see you it overrode any rational thought and I raced out the door without any thought what-so-ever?"

I added a particularly cheesy smile.

"Yes well I buy the no thought what-so-ever part".

I deserved that I suppose.

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